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Daily Anti Dandruff

Made with
an Advanced Formulation

Regular anti dandruff shampoos contains only ZPTO as key ingredient. Scalpe Pro daily anti dandruff shampoo’s advanced formulation is designed with not 1 but 3 powerful ingredients (Climbazole + ZPTO, Piroctone Olamine and Conditioning base) which provides 3 way action against dandruff

  • Anti-Dandruff

  • Strong Hair

  • Conditioning

3 Way Action
Anti Dandruff

Climbazole + ZPTO attacks
root cause of dandruff

Attacks Root Cause
of Dandruff

  • Scalpe Pro is formulated with Climbazole and
    ZPTO anti dandruff agents
  • Climbazole Targets the root cause of dandruff
    that is Malassezia, eliminates it and tackles its
    build-up. Thus helps removing dandruff and
    prevents its recurrence
  • ZPTO Prevents dandruff causing microbes to
    produce scalp irritants relieving from itching,
    irritation accompanying dandruff
3 Way Action
Strong Hair

Piroctone Olamine
strengthens hair*

Makes Hair Strong

Scalpe Pro contains Piroctone Olamine which
improves hair shaft thickness that reduces hair
fall due to breakage.

3 Way Action

Conditioning base^
makes hair soft

No dryness, hence suitable for daily use

The advanced formulation of Scalpe Pro contains
conditioning base^ which ensures no dryness even
with daily use making it an ideal choice for daily
dandruff care

^Polyquternium 10
For High Intensity
of Dandruff go to
Scalpe Plus
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